Total War: Warhammer Launch Trailer Reveals Epic Battles And Different Factions

Publisher Sega and developer Creative Assembly recently pushed out two nice launch trailers showing different factions battling it out, and epic wars raging across various terrain in a 360 degree scope. Total War: Warhammer will be out this week on the 24th, for PC.

There’s nothing like a big battle set in the realm of fantasy, or for that matter in the Warhammer universe. As one would expect, normal human-like soldiers are thrown into a mix of blood sucking vampires, green skinned giant beast, powerful dwarfs, among deadly Warriors of Chaos, which they all face off in total war in the latest entry in the Warhammer world.

Like most alternate or medieval type settings, magic and uncanny tricks will find there way through the real time strategy atmosphere where they play vital importance for victory, if used correctly during a campaign. In addition, Total War: Warhammer will features the typical RTS content that everyone loves, but with more.

If you want to feast your eyes on the latest trailer showing what Total War is all about, you can check it out below.

If that wasn’t enough, the team also published a new video giving a tour of the land and battlefields in a 360 degree scope. If you have a hard time viewing videos in 360 degrees and its harsh on the tummy, I’d advised to view the video above or to skip it.

If you are looking to jump into the carnage of mixed factions and see who triumphs and emerges victorious at the end of it all, the game is just a day away from going live, as of this writing.

With that said, Total War: Warhammer will be available for PC, and will launch on May 24th. For more information pertaining to Sega and Creative Assembly’s real time strategy game, you can head on over to the Total War’s official website.