Total War: Warhammer Video Covers Chaos Warriors Campaign

One of the main purposes of the new promotional video for Total War: Warhammer video covering the Chaos units was to let gamers know that the Chaos will be free for the first week to anyone who buys the game during the release window, as well as gamers who pre-order the RTS.

The 13 minute video covers quite a bit of content, covering each of the playable units on the Chaos side, as well as some of the special units that will be at the disposal of players. The amount of units on-screen is crazy impressive. You can check out the video below.

What’s kind of cool is that they actually play the entire Let’s Play through a replay of the fight so that they can get closer in on the action and check out the fight in a cinematic fashion.

They mention during the video that the terrain and shape of the terrain will affect the way players can progress through the map. In the demo above, the Chaos have to attempt to make a climb up the hill and due to the incline the snow slows down the speed of the troops, which is an interesting element that affects the gameplay.

The video is quite slick. The Chaos side is devastating. Despite the incline on the hill that slowed them down early in the match and despite the heavy losses it looked like they took early on wasn’t enough to detour them. They completely wiped out the Dwarven army.

According to the video, the special heroes don’t play often because react animations also double as stun-locks. So if the special hero characters were constantly reacting to getting hit, they supposedly wouldn’t be able to get any hits off themselves.

Total War: Warhammer - image6

The fight was quite impressive from the Chaos. It’s easy to see why Creative Assembly would try to hide them behind a paywall because people are going to have a field day playing them online.

Anyway, you can look for Total War: Warhammer to go live on May 24th. Unfortunately you’ll either have to pre-order or pick up a copy of the game at launch if you want to get the Chaos units without paying extra.

You can learn more by either visiting the official website or the Steam store page.


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