Total War: Warhammer Video Highlights How To Kill A Chaos Dragon

Whether you like real-time strategy games or not, you have to admit that the art direction for Creative Assembly’s upcoming Total War: Warhammer is pretty snazzy. In the latest video released by the developer, they highlight the devastating might of the Chaos Dragon.

The video is only two and a half minutes, but it manages to give viewers a very sound understanding of what the unit is capable of, and how it can be used on the battlefield. Check out the video below.

The general advice for facing off against the Chaos Dragon is simply to run. It sounds like sound advice.

If you plan on taking it down, it’s suggested in the video to use infantrymen to keep the dragon rooted and distracted while stronger units encircle it and attempt to either deal damage from a distance or pelt it with enough hits to eventually drain away its HP.

It’s also heavily suggested to reinforce infantry with with magic buffs and morale boosters from a hero unit. This just might help a group of the soldiers push through and finish off the dragon.

Alternatively, it’s suggested to use runes or magic attacks to either slow down or inhibit its damage output or speed. These sort of tactical strategies can either buy you time to get your units out of harm’s way, or reinforce those units with additional support in an attempt to kill it.

Total War: Warhammer - Image14

Playing as the Chaos Dragon will likely be a lot of fun, but it’s only available exclusively on the Chaos faction side and that means you either need to pre-order the game or pick up a copy on the first week of release if you want to have access to the Chaos faction.

Following the first week of release, you’ll only have access to the Chaos faction if you purchase it as DLC. Creative Assembly was working hard to find ways to monetize Total War: Warhammer post release.

Anyway, you can look for the PC exclusive to drop on digital distributors starting May 24th. For more info feel free to visit the official Total War website.


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