Total War: Warhammer’s Magic System Explained In New Video

Curious how the magic works in Creative Assembly’s upcoming real-time strategy game, Total War: Warhammer? Well, there’s a new video available that runs through the basic magic attacks and how the system works in hardcore RTS title, clocking in at a near breezy six minutes.

The video spotlight was posted up over on the official Total War channel, and covers all the basics you’ll need in order to get started. You can check out the video below.

The magic power of the character(s) is located in the large glass orb in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

The gauge within the orb is the magic power reserve. Throughout the course of the match the power reserve will deplete and cannot be recharged. The only upside to this reserve is that through upgrades players can buff their total magic pool so that it depletes slower than normal.

The video talks about how using different spells together in combination or in back to back fashion can quickly dwindle enemy forces and disrupt their battle plans and tactical formations.

Each spell, however, is designed to be countered. There are units and magic attacks that can be used to strategically out fight, out maneuver or out power enemies.

It’s explained that various vortex spells, like the chain lightning, can do massive damage to units, but the purple vortex can disrupt enemy formations. Some spells move through enemy forces quickly, while others travel more slowly. A lot of it boils down to choosing what works best against different kinds of unit types and factions.

One of the interesting things is that the Dwarven race have access to a Runesmith, who isn’t limited in the magic pool like other mages. The Runesmith attacks can be used repeatedly throughout battle after the cooldown period has expired.

Another interesting bit of info is that the Winds of Magic buff, which determines how much of a magic pool you’ll have during battle, can increase or decrease depending on the region of the map you’re in and certain heroic actions taken during a fight. Different magic units also have access to different spells, with fire wizards using fire spells and holy wizards having access to celestial magic.

Each spell caster will have access to six different spells they can utilize on the field, along with the option to “overcast” a spell for increased damage at the risk of the mage damaging themselves.

Total War: Warhammer is due for release on May 24th on PC. You can learn more by hitting up the game’s official website.