Tree Of Savior Gamers Can’t Connect To Servers Due To DDoS Issues

IMC Games is working hard at trying to accommodate the thousands and thousands of players attempting to log into and play Tree of Savior. They’ve recently initiated maintenance on the server that housed a lot of players who stated that they couldn’t connect to the servers or log into the game. Well, the reason they couldn’t log in or connect to the Tree of Savior servers was because it was taken offline due to a DDoS attack.

On May 5th the developers made a post on the Tree of Savior forum stating…

“It seems a DDoS attack to our servers was the cause of the instability and AWS has blocked certain IP addresses as a response to the attacks.


“We are currently contacting AWS to check the systems and consult our course of action in case of future attacks.”

As a way to fix the issue, IMC Games attempted to migrate users over to another supplementary server, as well as individually attempt to approve IP addresses that were being denied by AWS since they thought it was continued DDoS attacks.

Later in the day they decided to take the Silute server down and put it under maintenance, making a quick post on the Steam page to let gamers know that after the Silute server had come out of maintenance they were offering some compensation for the down time in the form of a EXP Tome and a three hour increase of Token benefits.

The server issues, however, have been persistent and ongoing, despite the temporary recovery from the DDoS attacks.

This was made worse for the fact that a lot of new players have been having difficulty logging in due to server congestion on a separate server… the SEA server known as Varena. According to the IMC staff from a couple of days ago, they stated in a forum post

“We currently have an overload of players on Telsiai, so we’ve decided to open a new server for Telsiai first, on the day we release the game as free-to-play. The name of the new SEA server is Varena, and new SEA players will be able to start only on this server. Access to Telsiai will temporarily become exclusive to players who have started playing on it before the game’s F2P release, namely those who purchased at least one of the DLC products. This only applies to Telsiai and not any other servers.


“New servers for other regions are TBA, and we will open them accordingly if there are enough new players.”

So basically, the reason a lot of people are unable to connect to the SEA servers is due to overcrowding.

Explaining the situation hasn’t really quelled the frustrations of the community, but these are the kind of growing pains that IMC will experience with Tree of Savior  since it’s only just recently opened up for everyone April 28th. The first full week of operation appears to have been difficult for them, but over time expect the server issues, log-in issues and lag issues to eventually subside as the player base nestles in and the server operation stabilizes.

On the upside, IMC have continually been updating and pumping out fixes and maintenance patches for each of the servers since launching at the end of last month. So even if you can’t log into Tree of Savior right now, it won’t be long before you can do so without any issues.

You can learn more about the isometric, hand-drawn MMORPG by paying a visit to the Steam store page. The title is currently free-to-play.

(Main image courtesy of Milk Peach)