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IMC Games’ Tree of Savior is a tricky game. It has a strong following but it also has a lot of people who are disgruntled with the way the servers have been handled. For gamers who are able to overlook the server inhibitions, there are some useful guides floating around teaching gamers about the stats, the character classes and how to best utilize them during the leveling process.

YouTuber CloakingDonkey put together a quick 11 minute guide for Tree of Savior covering the stats and how to best utilize them during the leveling process. Check it out below.

As noted in the video, stats cannot be reset in the game, unlike skill points.

There are two main stats in Tree of Savior that players should focus on: strength and intelligence. The two main stats stack by 10% for every rank you achieve. Ranks are achieved every 15 levels and there are a total of seven ranks in the game.

Additionally, every point you invest into a certain stat during the leveling process, you gain bonus points at specific intervals. So if you invest 50 points into a stat you’ll gain an extra bonus stat point for every fifth point after the 50th point you’ve invested. There’s a short guide showing you what the frequency of bonus points are and how to attain them as you go through the leveling process.

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In the video it’s noted that while strength and intelligence are going to be your two main stats to focus on, you shouldn’t forgo the other stats as well. There should be a healthy pursuit to ensure that your character can at least tank a few hits from higher level monsters during the higher tier quests, and that you at least have enough points invested into constitution so that you’re not a glass cannon or a fragile nurse.

Spirit increases your SP pool as well as how quickly your SP regenerates, so depending on your class depends on how important this stat will be to level it up. The video notes that spirit becomes more important as you get higher in level because more of your upper tier skills will require a lot of SP and will drain the bar quick. Spirit being high enough to allow the SP regeneration to be adequate enough to not have to rely on potions is a good way to go about leveling. According to the video, near the start of the game players should put about 20 points into spirit or constitution.

It’s noted that if you’re going to specialize in being a tank, you should have around 100 points in constitution by the time you reach max level. If you’re focusing your class on a mage or range build you probably won’t need more than 60 points in constitution or spirit.

It’s explained that the main stat for clerics, mages and wizards is intelligence, thus the focus of the stat building should be on that category in order to get the most out of the class.

CloakingDonkey does advise gamers who decide to build a priest class might want to consider focusing on the spirit stat because of certain skills that will be reliant on SP.

The dexterity stat is talked about briefly at the end of the video. Dexterity is used for critical attacks for auto-attacks, but the video notes that there’s no real reason to focus on dexterity because criticals from auto-attacks just isn’t all that important. According to the video, he states that there’s nothing really that dexterity covers that you can’t achieve with either strength or intelligence. However, this may change at some point in future updates for Tree of Savior.

IMC Games MMO is available right now on PC as a free-to-play title. You can learn more about Tree of Savior by visiting the official website.


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