Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Ending Explained

Following the plot of Uncharted 4 can be fast and furious, but it might also leave some gamers confused given all the twists, turns and backstabbings that happens throughout. Don’t worry, though, this little guide here will help explain the ending for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End for the PS4.

To preface: Nathan and Sam Drake are orphaned brothers. When they were younger they break into an old lady’s house to try to retrieve their mother’s belongings, only they find out that their mother worked for the old lady as a historian. The old lady informs the duo that their mother had discovered some amazing things about Sir Francis Drake and some hidden pirate treasure. This leads both Nate and Sam to spend their teenage and adult years hunting down treasure across the globe while thieving their way through survival.

During one adventure to uncover the pirate treasure of Henry Avery — while teamed up with a trust fund sociopath named Rafe — Sam is shot while they make a daring prison escape and is presumed dead. Years later, however, Sam makes a startling return after Nate has settled down and married Elena, putting the adventuring life behind him.

Basically, Sam goes to Nate because he needs help to find Henry Avery’s treasure. Sam makes up the story that a drug lord named Hector Alcazar would kill him if he didn’t find the treasure – a treasure that was worth more than $400 million.

All the meanwhile Rafe has never stopped looking for Avery’s treasure and he’s hired the contractor Nadine Ross and her Shoreline mercenaries to help him find the treasure.

After stealing stealing a cross from an auction that Sam found out about — and making a daring getaway with some help from Sully — they head to Scotland to investigate a graveyard, which eventually leads them to Madagascar where Rafe has their cell phones hacked. He uses the GPS located within the phones to send Nadine’s Shoreline mercenaries after Nate, Sully and Sam, which leads into the daring chase sequence oftentimes showcased in the promo trailers and demonstrations.

Sam and Nate travel the world looking for the treasure while their not-so-friendly rival Rafe and his companion Nadine stay hot on their trail.


After the trio of Nate, Sam and Sully escape and head back to their hotel, they’re confronted by Elena who storms out on Nate for lying to her about giving up his life of adventure. Both Nate and Sam proceed to Libertalia where they find out that Avery was recruiting pirate captains to join his small club where they would pool treasure.

Nadine and Rafe end up catching up to Nate and Sam and it turns out that Sam was actually broken out of prison by Rafe… in fact, he wasn’t broken out of prison at all. Rafe bribed the warden to get Sam out of prison and used Sam to help him find Avery’s treasure. The only thing was, Sam bolted on Rafe and went to seek out Nathan to uncover the treasure instead. Sam lied to Nate about Hector Alcazar having a debt on his life, but the reality is that Alcazar died in a completely separate shootout in Argentina.

After Rafe reveals that he freed Sam, Rafe shoots Sam in the shoulder by mistake and Sam accidentally knocks Nate off the cliff into the river below. After waking up, Nate is tended to by Elena who rescues Nate.

The husband and wife duo then attempt to go and rescue Sam from Rafe and Nadine from New Devon.

Nate and Elena eventually discover that Thomas Tew and Henry Avery killed off the other pirates so that they could horde the Libertalia gold for themselves by poisoning the drinks and killing off all the other pirates.

Nate and Elena eventually track down Sam and the others, with Nate fighting off the Shoreline mercenaries while Elena retrieves Sam during all the ruckus. Sully, Nate and Elena try to convince Sam to leave the island and forget the treasure, but Sam is gold smitten and can’t let it go, leaving the three behind to pursue Avery’s final treasure cove. Nate goes off to retrieve Sam inside the cove where a wrecked ship lay, filled with traps.

Nadine wants to eventually cut ties after they retrieve some of the gold from around the ship but not in the ship. She wants to take the gold they’ve acquired and leave; she states that the rigged ship isn’t worth losing anymore lives over. However, Rafe makes it known that since they’ve made it as far as they did that they can’t give up. After a a face-off, Nadine is persuaded, at gun point, to join Rafe in boarding the booby-trapped ship.

It turns out that after poisoning all the other pirates, Avery and Tew killed each other in the bottom of the boat trying to horde the gold each for themselves.


Nate finds Sam in the boat near the two dead pirates, trapped under a fallen beam; Rafe and Nathan have a Mexican standoff until Nadine joins them and disarms Nate. She then holds Rafe at gunpoint and takes his pistol as well, leaving the three men in the bow of the ship.

After Nadine leaves them in the room, Rafe attacks Nate with a sword while Sam lays unconscious under a wooden beam. Rafe and Nate fight until Nate activates a trap that causes the treasure to fall on Rafe, killing him.

Sam and Nate are seemingly trapped until Nate takes a cannon and blasts a hole through the floor of the ship, allowing for the dynamic duo to make a daring escape while the ship blows up behind them. They manage to swim out of the cave to safety.

After escaping, Sam, Nate, Sullivan and Elena head back to the town. Sam and Sully take on another job together while Nate and Elena return home.

Jameson, Nate’s former boss, tells him that he’s selling the business to Nate… because Elena bought the marine excavation business using a few of the coins that Sam slipped into her jacket. The duo decide to take on the Malaysia job that they hinted at throughout the game.

The ending involves players getting a chance to play the original Crash Bandicoot once more leading into the epilogue scene where players take on the role of Nate and Elena’s daughter, Cassie Drake. You can check out the video below from Tetra Ninja.

Cassie rummages around through her parents stuff while looking for them, eventually she happens upon the old journal that Nate kept throughout the four games, and then Elena and Nate return to find her with the journal.

The game ends with Nate and Cassie heading out toward the boat for a family fishing trip, talking up his past adventures, while Elena puts away a photo showing her, Nate and Sully from the original Uncharted.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is available right now, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.


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