Uncharted 4 Day One Patch Unlocks Multiplayer

Naughty Dog is gearing up for the big release of Uncharted 4 with some hefty day one patches… or rather, a hefty day one patch. According to DualShockers there will be two day one patches for Uncharted 4 owners to download before they can start enjoying the action-adventure festivities found in Naughty Dog’s latest and possibly final outing for Nathan Drake.

One of the two patches is actually rather small… the second patch, actually, is little more than a collection of bug fixes. That’s patch 1.02.

The first patch is a real doozy, clocking in at a whomping 5GB. The patch actually unlocks multiplayer support in Uncharted 4, which is pretty crazy because if you don’t pucker up your broadband packet pooper to receive 5GB of Naughty Dog’s patching schlong then you’re going to be fresh out of luck with participating in the game’s competitive multiplayer festivities.

Nevertheless, you can also expect to get your hands on the single-player “Encounter Select” along with additional single-player and gameplay bonus modes. The contents of the 5GB 1.01 patch is listed below, courtesy of GameSpot.

  • Multiplayer support
  • Single player Encounter Select
  • Bonus Feature: Photo Mode
  • Bonus Feature: Character Model Viewer
  • Bonus Feature: Render Modes
  • Bonus Feature: Gameplay Modes
  • Bonus Feature: Single-player Modes
  • Bonus Feature: Weapon Selector
  • Bonus Feature: Journal Viewer
  • Bonus Feature: Concept Art Galleries
  • General Fixes and Improvements

So basically, a lot of the cool and good stuff – beyond the contents of the main single-player game, of course – is locked behind the day one patch. Well, to the credit of Naughty Dog at least they didn’t attempt to hide $100 worth of premium DLC behind a paywall on the disc itself. Capcom pulled a legendary loogey with that dick move on Street Fighter X Tekken, nearly making disc-locked content some kind of standard until gamers threw up the proverbial middle-finger by doing what they don’t always do best: hold the wallet.

Anyway, you can grab Uncharted 4 starting midnight on May 10th for the PS4 from local retailers, or if you pre-ordered the game you can begin the pre-loading process now in hopes that the game and the additional 5GB patches will be complete by the strike of midnight. Need more info? Feel free to hit up the official Uncharted 4 website.