Until I Have You, Cyberpunk Shooter Goes Unnoticed On Steam

Released back on April 4th, Wormwood Studios and Digital Tribes’ Until I Have You is a side-scrolling, retro-themed, cyberpunk shooter. Despite the synthwave soundtrack, neon-lit grunge atmosphere, and dark story, it didn’t really catch on with gamers when it launched.

The game has less than a thousand owners after releasing a over a month ago, according to Steam Spy. The uptick in players has been slow and there hasn’t been much chatter about Until I Have You, probably because a lot of people didn’t even know it existed.

But that’s sometimes how it goes with indie titles. I recently came across the game thanks to the developer tweeting out that it was available. Cyberpunk, synthwave and side-scrolling shooters are right up my alley, so I took a gander at the gameplay via Let’s Play video uploaded by YouTuber Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon. He has a 20 minute video you can check out below.

So story wise, the game puts players in the role of the Artist. He’s an expert assassin who decides to leave the business and spend the rest of his days with his wife. His clients don’t like that and proceed to take his wife hostage in hopes that they can persuade him to carry out more missions. Instead, the Artist gets a hold of an exo-skeleton suit and goes after the guys that took his wife.

While this seems like a typical rescue plot centered around a damsel in distress, the reality is that the exo-suit that players get a hold of has some rather unsavory side effects, including abrasive hallucinations.

Players will have to race through levels using melee and projectile based weapons, dodging robots and bad guys while dealing with some fast-paced platforming.

Until I Have You

In between levels players will be able to unlock more of the story, figure out what the suit is actually doing to the Artist, discover more about the world around the Artist as well as attempt to get back his wife.

The game has received a couple of positive reviews, but traction is slow. You can learn more about Until I have You by paying a visit to the Steam store page. The game is available for $13.99.


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