Vegas Wants To Get In On E-Sports Betting

Reports are going around that Las Vegas, the capital of gambling, wants to start chipping off the dimes from the e-sports sector for their own intended purposes.

According to PCGamesN, right now there are only talks taking place, as the gambling giant of the world is trying to figure out how to weed their way into one of the biggest and fastest growing markets in the electronics entertainment industry.

Two major hurdles are standing in the way of Vegas and their pilfering of the e-sports sector. The first hurdle is the fact that there are no real e-sports experts out there… according to PCGamesN. This means that trying to organize betting on teams and games becomes tough because it’s a little like a crapshoot and the casino owners certainly don’t want to give advantages to betters.

The second hurdle is the fact that a large portion of those interested in e-sports are under the age of 18. What does this mean? It means that setting up betting pools and excluding a large demographic of e-sports works against the betting pools. I’m sure they’re trying to find ways around the legality of the whole thing, and there are certainly going to be lawyers in the midst with more silver-tongue trickery trickling out of the tips of their felt pens than a Loki authored meme book.

According to PCGamesN, the ESL CEO, Craig Levine, was actually in attendance at this meeting in Las Vegas, attempting to further “legitimize” e-sports for the masses. They most recently formed WESA to work as an independent body to handle drug testing and maintaining anti-doping measures amongst players, while also establishing better “player representation” and “diversity”. However, things recently took a sour turn when FaZe, one of the most popular teams in all of e-sports, decided to pull out of WESA like a bachelor pulling out of a perfect 10 because he forgot to bring his Trojans with him. You get the full story over on IGN.

For now, the Las Vegas ruling hasn’t been made final. They’re still going to have some additional meetings to figure out how to get the most out of e-sports betting.

A lot of core players tend to see all of this corporate meddling as a diminishing factor for the appeal of e-sports. It’s stripping away the identity of gaming in order to appeal to some non-existent group of people who apparently are upper class suburbanites that want to see fabric softener and Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy ads in between a stadium filled with high-school students watching a group of college students create bloody gibs all over the virtual arena by landing more headshots than their opponents.

I can tell you right now that that demographic does not exist, but good luck to the ESL in trying to tap it like a drunk hobo trying to tap the buttocks of a leprechaun while he tends to his pot of gold.


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