War Thunder’s VE Day Special Event Offers Free Golden Eagles

Those with dust covering their planes in the hangers of War Thunder will have another reason to take to the skies once again. Gaijin has another event going on that offers free Golden Eagles, new decals and much more in the Victory Day event for War Thunder on PC and PS4.

Being a huge fan of WW2 and the Korean War, it’s nice to see a game like War Thunder include planes, tanks and other types of war machines in the time frame of 1914 to 1953 all in one game. Although that might be interesting to some, to keep things going and to quench both newcomers and longtime players’ thirst, the devs released a new event called Victory In Europe Day.

Tipping their hats to the actual event that took place on May 8th, 1945, the devs will reward players who participate in the event with special items, which will run from May 7th to the 9th.

“Many players participated in and enjoyed the Chronicles events and fought their way to the end. In recognition of the Allied triumph, we have prepared some specials for everyone to celebrate the coming Victory Day!”

Once players enter the game, they’re pretty much participating in the event. In addition to this, each player will gain access to 60 air and 60 ground battles, and must perform their best during the tournament to get on the leaderboard to win the grand prize.

The top 200 players will receive 500 free Golden Eagles, which is the in-game prime currency for buying cash-shop items and other exclusive items barred behind the Golden Eagle symbol. This will also accompany the rare and premium vehicles the DB-7 for the air tournament, and the Su-76M 5 gv. Kav. Korp. for the ground tournament.

Other prizes include 10 different decals, special trophies every five victories, among other skins and boosters in-game. Lastly, many discounts and offers are also running during the event that reach up to 30% and 50% off of certain items.

To learn more about War Thunder’s “Victory Day” tournament, you can head on over to warthunder.com or Steam. The game is currently out now for both PC and PS4.


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