Warcraft Movie Clips Highlight Ogrim And ILM Special Effects

Some new clips for the upcoming Warcraft film have surfaced, featuring a look at some of the characters and special effects used to bring Duncan Jones’ vision of the classic game lore to life.

The first clip comes courtesy of YouTube outlet Wootfiles, which captured the footage from the Epicenter Moscow. It’s only a minute long but it actually helps add some depth to the character Ogrim Doomhammer… much more-so than any of the previously released trailers. You can check out the clip below.

I have to admit that actor Robert Kazinsky did a pretty good job explaining Ogrim’s position and fealty to the Orc race. That minute long clip above actually did more to help hype up the movie than any of the previous trailers, since now I’m interested in seeing how that’s all going to play out between the Orcs, the humans and their own tribes.

The second clip features a two minute long look at some of the different effects that LucasArts’ Industrial Light and Magic helped bring to life for the film, including the hair physics specifically designed for the movie.

They mentioned that the number one challenge was bringing the Orcs to life from the Warcraft universe. This meant going full CG and having the actors engage in performance capture, not unlike the way video games are done these days, especially at revered studios like Naughty Dog and Ninja Theory. You can check out the second clip from Epicenter Moscow below.

The special effects for the movie look good. My only complaint is in the animations for the fights. A lot of times there is this over-the-top theatrical element to the reactions when the Orcs get hit. It would have been nice if they toned the physics down so that they moved and fell according to how their mass is portrayed on-screen. Otherwise, the Orc effects look sleek.

There are still some people who are not at all impressed with the intermixing of live-action humans with CG monsters, but we’ll see how it all pans out when the movie launches in theaters this June.

To help hold you over, there’s a remake of the movie trailer using the assets of World of Warcraft from YouTube auteur Ivan Kuzkin. You can check that out below.


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