Warframe: Here’s How To Find Vauban Prime’s Drop Location And Parts

Having dropped on May 17th in Warframe, Vauban Prime is here and it takes a lot of rare materials to build him — including the alert material Nitain Extract. You will be able to find him like any other Prime Warframe in the void, which replaces the trickster Loki Prime. His drop locations consist of Tower 3 Sabotage, Tower 2 Sabotage, Tower 4 Defense, and Tower 3 Survival. Warframe is out now for free for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

I know, it seems like every good Prime weapon and frame are located on T3 Survival, but that’s not the most brutal part of it all, it’s the sheer amount of Nitain Extract one will need to build him. However, if you’ve already stocked up on a bunch from the timely alerts and have over 20, you will be good.

Aside from that, to get his Blueprint you will need to do Tower 3 Sabotage, which has a 5.53% drop chance to obtain during your runs through the void. His Blueprint will require his helmet, chassis, systems and five Nitain Extracts, and 50 Platinum to rush it.

Looking over to his Helmet, it can be obtained by doing Tower 2 Sabotage. This has a drop rate of 5.64%, and requires 15,000 credits, five Nitain Extracts, 16,000 Salvage, 8,000 Rubedo, and 18,000 Alloy Plates. His chassis can be rushed for 25 Platinum.

Vauban Prime’s Chassis might be one of the hardest to get, since it requires three rare materials and 20 waves of Tower 4 Defense, or on rotation C, and has a 5.64% drop chance. You will need 15,000 credits, two Argon Crystals, five Nitain Extracts, 7,000 Oxium, and 13,000 Alloy Plates. It too has a rush time of 25 Platinum.

His last part is his Systems. It can be found on Tower 3 Survival on rotation C (every 20 minutes that doubles to 40 and 60), and has a drop chance of 5.53%. His systems require 15,000 credits, five Nitain Extracts, 9,000 Cryotic, one Orokin Cell, and 5,000 Circuits. You can also rush it for 25 Platinum.

If you don’t know how Vauban Prime looks, and what he’s capable of, you can check out his Prime introductory trailer showing his finesse prowess in action.

Lastly, he possesses the special Prime ability to gain 250 energy after passing an Orokin Death Orb, and comes with two Naramon polarities (one in the Aura slot), one Madurai, and one Vazarin polarity. He also starts with 100 Health, Armor and shields, and has 150 power with a sprint speed of 1.0. Warframe is free to play, and you can grab a digital copy right now for PC, PS4 or Xbox One.