Wii U Cemu 1.4.2b Emulator Released, Runs Twilight Princess HD
(Last Updated On: May 8, 2016)

Nintendo can’t be happy that gamers are able to get their hands on a working Wii U emulator while the console still has a year to go before its lifespan is dwindled down into nothing more than a nesting ground for dust on retailer shelves. But you can’t stop progress. The open source Cemu project has seen the release of version 1.4.2b, where it’s been let into the wild for public consumption.

Over on Reddit there’s a thread with links to the changelog and the latest zip file. The 1.4.2 featured an improved FPS counter with more frequent updates, which has carried over into the beta build of that release, along with in improved CPU recompiler, and a variety of bug fixes and audio adjustments.

However, despite the added audio support in the latest public build of Cemu, it still wasn’t enough to get The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD running with full audio support, as evidenced with a video below from YouTuber Porter Balls.

The game is running on an 17 at 4ghz on a GTX 970 with 8GB of RAM clocked at 3ghz. Performance wise it all looks really good. There are some minor instances of over-exposure causing distorted highlights, but it’s mentioned that this may be an issue with Nvidia cards and not necessarily the emulation. Porter Balls highlighted some of these graphical issues in previous videos, namely with his uploads of Mario Kart 8 from the Wii U, which was last running pretty clean and pristine on the latest build of the Cemu emulator.

It’s amazing to see how well and how fast the Cemu emulator has come along in such a short period of time, running top-tier AAA games on the Wii U with nary a hiccup. The advancement on the Wii U emulator has definitely come along a lot faster than the Xbox 360 or the OG Xbox.

Anyway, you can download the Cemu 1.4.2b from the Reddit thread over on /r/Emulation.

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  • C G Saturation

    Kinda funny because you could already play an even higher definition version via Dolphin and mods. If I recall correctly, a guy also modded more visual effects into the GameCube/Wii versions.

  • TT

    honestly, not gonna lie, I’m a pretty huge Nintendo fan…well usually, I was really excited for Fatal Frame, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, SMTxFE game, Bravely Second…well alot of games basically, but their recent bullshit has just sickened me and no thanks to the cucks in the mainstream, I’m now aware of how far they are willing to remove content for whatever arbitrary reasons they can think of.

    I haven’t bought any of those titles, I don’t plan on it, I haven’t even bought any Nintendo games lately. So I say this with no hint of sarcasm: I encourage people to pirate those games, and enjoy them for what they are supposed to be.

    • C G Saturation

      A friend bought a Wii U for Fatal Frame and Xenoblade, only to have them horribly censored or badly localized. He was not pleased.
      There’s a reason I only buy imports of Japanese games.

      • TT

        If it weren’t for money, I’d join in too with that. I legitimately might be done with Nintendo, it’s obvious they won’t change or do their jobs properly(at least with NoA). Not to mention ignoring any kind of feedback or criticism. Ironically, despite having a pro-pedo hooker as PR, they seem to be very narrow-minded.

        Thank god there are companies like xseed who seem to care and do a great job, not to mention modding with PC(oh how i wish sony was more open-minded with the PS4). Or more Japanese companies doing the translations in-house would be great.

  • scemar

    Ah and just in time for newer, cheaper powerful cards.
    I’ve also noticed more people hacking their WiiU’s at least partially to make small modifications to games.

    Great news all around.

    If someone bothers making an english translated version of xenoblade or fire emblem mirage that’d be wonderful for those that skipped over those games due to nintendo’s censorship madness.

    • Yeah this is great news for purists… whether you nab roms or import the games from the usual places, gamers can now experience Nintendo titles the way they were meant to be played.

      • scemar

        Pirating them hard