YouTubers Life Enters Early Access On May 18th

U-Play Online’s management simulator, YouTubers Life, is set to release on May 18th for PC in Early Access. The game will see players creating their very own YouTuber and attempting to work hard to create an online empire that rivals the likes of Markiplier or PewDiePie.

It’s basically a Tycoon-lite game fused with The Sims. Players will have manage both their social and personal life while also dealing with the good, the bad, the ups and downs of building and managing a YouTube channel.

I know it seems like it’s a lot of fun and easy to make videos, commentate and post them online, but trying to make it in today’s industry is no easy task, especially with copyright restrictions looming around every corner, and multi-channel networks constantly looking to undercut creators at every turn, one of the safest ways to make it big on YouTube is basically playing a simulation of that experience, which won’t end up with your channel and livelihood getting buried into the ground thanks to C&Ds, copyright strikes and legal threats.

To help illustrate how YouTubers Life is played, you can check out the newly released trailer below.

As you can see, players will be tasked with creating how their YouTuber looks, working hard to keep them fed and clothed, as well as building social networks, attending events, getting good at games and eventually finding some romance and getting married.

The newest trailer for the game focuses less on the nuances of building up a YouTube channel and more on the life management aspects of the game, giving it more of a vibe that’s similar to The Sims.

I’m curious what the fail-states will be like in the game. For instance, can you sperg out in a terrible video that costs you a bunch of subscribers? Or maybe attempt to trademark a popular phrase and have the internet come down hard and heavy on you like a Warner Bros., anvil? I guess we’ll find out on May 18th.

You can keep track of YouTubers Life by hitting up the official U-Play Online website.


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