YouTubers Life: How To Get A Girlfriend

If you’ve been playing YouTubers Life as some sort of guide on how to improve and evolve your real life, you’re playing it wrong. If you’ve been playing it to have some fun, micromanage your virtual character’s life and possibly find some romance and a life mate for your adventures in the world of moving picture content creation and social interactivity, well, there’s a guide for that.

YouTubers Life from U-Play Online has turned out to be a huge hit, selling close to 100,000 copies in nearly 10 days. What’s so special about it? Well, it’s a little bit like Diner Dash meets The Sims. It’s an interesting mix of maintaining one’s social life while also attempting to proliferate one’s professional life.

YouTuber SeaPeeKay has up a series of videos covering a playthrough of YouTubers Life and in one of the videos he covers how to get a girlfriend in YouTubers Life. You can check out the video below.

So if you have the basics down – if you’re pumping out videos regularly, editing content, sharing content, building your social network and maybe making friends and bunking up with a buddy, you’re then ready to take the next step and find a little bit of romance.

If you’re living with a friend or roommate, they’ll occasionally ask you to go to parties or conventions. You might also get invites through e-mail or messaging services.

If you choose to attend a party, you’ll be able to meet and greet with a number of other people for a limited amount of time.

YouTubers Life

As showcased in the the video above, you can talk to various people at conventions and parties. Just like with The Sims, the more time and effort you put into talking with people, the higher your affinity becomes with that individual.

In the case of dance parties, you can talk to them and increase your friendship and then dance with them to increase it even more.

While talking to certain people they will mention certain things about topics or games you can include in your videos. If you want increase your friendship with a certain individual, you can attempt to do videos or include content that the person might enjoy. This will raise your affinity with the person and further bud the friendship.

If the friendship has advanced far enough, it’s possible to give the person a gift. This will move the two of you even closer together, opening the door for the option to “Flirt”. Be careful, however. Flirting can easily backfire and cause the affinity level to drop. It’s actually best to keep talking or dancing or interacting but not flirting, because you want the affinity high enough so that if you risk the option to flirt it won’t damage your relationship too badly.

Alternatively you can also attempt to develop relationships online, but they’re trickier when you can’t meet in person… almost like real life.

In some cases you might even find yourself as a roommate with someone who you can eventually begin to date, as showcased in the video below from Youtuber Lachlan.

If you have an opportunity to spend more time with your roommate and you want to turn it into something more, you can talk to them repeatedly until you strengthen the bond of your friendship where giving gifts, flirting, hugging, asking for a date or collaborating in a video becomes an option.

And here is the benefit of relationships in YouTubers Life: when you collaborate with your partner in a video, you can easily increase the views in your videos and live-streams, adding tons more subscribers and plenty of followers to your social network. It even works in real life with various YouTubers… just like with Nukem Dukem.

YouTubers Life

Just like in real life you’ll also have to deal with potential break-ups. Not every relationship is meant to last, and if it doesn’t last then you could be fresh out of some subscribers, and potential views, if your content was reliant on collaboration videos. So tread lightly and be mindful when you get into a relationship and decide to focus your channel around collaborative videos.

YouTubers Life is up and available right now for PC. The game is only $14.99.


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