24% Of League Of Legends Players Game On Laptops
League of Legends Jinx

Newzoo released a new report in conjunction with Overwolf took a look at more than 12 million PC gaming enthusiasts and measured up some of the more important figures from the study.

Over on the Newzoo website they revealed some very interesting facts about the PC gaming habits of those playing some of the biggest games on the market. For instance, they revealed that 24.7% of the people playing League of Legends are doing so on laptops, showing that Riot has optimized the game well enough to be played on the go by a lot of players.

They also revealed that 17.9% of Counter-Strike: GO players also put in time on laptops instead of the big, muscly desktop rigs. I don’t know why, but some people are desperate enough to play CS: GO that they would subject themselves to poor frame-rates and latency issues through a laptop when even the most potato desktop PC could prove to be more serviceable for the task at hand.

One of the more unsurprising stats in the figure is that 90% of PC gamers play Grand Theft Auto V on desktop PCs instead of laptops.

The stats also reveal that Nvidia’s GTX 970 seems to lead the pack when it comes to the average GPU used for PC gaming… especially in Germany.

Just as a side note, anyone who has the cajones to play something like GTA V on a laptop either has eyes of steel to deal with the strain that comes from the frame tearing, and incalculable amounts of patience to deal with frame drops that occur more often than deuces being dropped by a nervous elephant in the circus. Most big boys and sturdy girls play real games like GTA V on desktop PCs, but that 10% that steeled their loins to suffer through Rockstar’s prime-time beast on a laptop are either real brave… or real stupid.

Most interesting, though, is that the in the survey they found that when it comes to PCMR desktop brands, the Gigabyte ruled out over all in Russia, taking 29% of the market share, while Asus barely edged out over HP with 18% of the share in the U.S. In Brazil both Dell and Asus tied with market share, but the report mentions that Brazil has the most fragmented market and that Positivo Informatica’s POS-EIH61CE was the number one selling individual model at 2.6% of the market share.

Newzoo’s collaboration with Overwolf isn’t just a one-off event. They plan on rolling out monthly figures on the PC market, covering the 12 million strong hardcore PC gaming market. It’s a nice alternative to just the software figures we get from places like Steam Spy, or the vague figures gleaned from Valve’s Steam hardware surveys.


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