A Cat’s Manor Is a Cute But Creepy 2D Platform Horror game

Developers Happiest Dark Corner has created a cute and rather creepy looking platform horror game, about a cat exploring the deep dark secrets of an old mansion and the family that lives there, in this new side-scrolling platformer A Cat’s Manor.

You play as an eerie looking black cat that seems to be one of the family pets. In A Cat’s Manor,  you will be able to explore the mansion and solve puzzles to learn more about the story and the family that dwells inside the manor. As you solve these puzzles and unravel the story, new areas will open up for you to explore and investigate as you delve deeper into learning about all of the secrets this strange family has hidden away.

A cats manor2

The art style for A Cat’s Manor is done in dark silhouettes and shadows, while the animals and characters have big glowing eyes that stands out to give the overall world a mysterious and creepy look. However, the overall tone for A Cat’s Manor is also rather charming with the way they present the story.

I love the detailed character portraits and how demented the characters look, it really adds to the creepy feel of the story. To add to the art style, the developers have hired a professional voice acting team for both the characters and the story narration, as well as Hollywood music composer Wlad Marhulets, to really help bring the world to life and suck you in with their storytelling to add to the immersion.

The developers have released a short story and gameplay preview trailer that I linked down below.

A Cat’s Manor is currently on Steam Greenlight seeking approval, so for those of you interested in supporting them you can follow the provided link to learn more. Furthermore, you can also check out the Official website for A Cat’s Manor  for additional details.


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