AccuRC 2 Brings Realistic RC Toy Simulator To PC

AccuRC 2 is a realistic flight and model car simulator that gives you control of dozens of different remote control toys to test out in a variety of different environments.

One of the things that makes this simulator so cool is the amount of detail they have put into the 3D models to keep the game true to life. All of the moving parts, the cockpit, the way the RC toys are designed and put together, the way they physically move and fly, and then the amount of detail that they visually put into the game and the environment is amazing.

AccuRC 2 isn’t just a flight simulator though, you will also be able to take control of remote control cars on the ground as well, giving you a large variety of both land and air vehicles; ranging from quads, to drones, buggies, planes and helicopters. You will also be able to change the camera and perspective, giving you complete control of all the action.

On top of this, AccuRC 2 allows you to take your RC toys to your work bench to customize and change out parts to adjust the settings to change the controls and characteristics of how the toys behave. After you are happy with your creation, you can then go and test it out in the simulated outdoor environment.

Have a buddy to play with you? Even better! AccuRC 2 has online multiplayer so you can race against your friends. The development has released a few trailers and gameplay videos on their official YouTube channel, so I linked a few videos down below so you can see how the actual game is for yourself.

AccuRC 2 is currently on Steam Greenlight looking for approval from the community to make it on the official Steam store, so if you would like to support them you can follow the provided link. For additional information and details about the AccuRC 2 project, you can visit the official website to learn more.


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