American Truck Simulator Arizona DLC Is Free To Download

SCS Software went and did something crazy: they let the Arizona DLC for American Truck Simulator out into the public… for free.

You can download the game right now from the Steam store at the price of nothing. The DLC features 15 new cities to travel through, including major cities like Tuscon and Phoenix; there’s the famous Route 66, complete with landmarks and historical locations; there’s enhanced AI vehicle behavior, enhanced road services and two new company prefabricated variations.

You can check out a trailer for the American Truck Simulator DLC below.

Originally I didn’t really get the appeal for playing games like American Truck Simulator, but with the stresses of daily life and all the crappiness that comes along with it, it’s not hard to see why some people might prefer zen-style games where you just relax, drive, soak in the views and take a load off (pun intended).

I was really shocked at the fact that the DLC was given away for free, but SCS promised back in January that it would be free and they’re sticking to their guns.

In addition to the DLC dropping, they also had a lengthy changelog that they posted up on the Steam community page, noting that they’ve improved external job support in the game, added a new physically simulated truck and trailer coupling, added the option to disable the blinker auto off feature, added Xinput support for those of you rocking Xbox 360 controllers, and added new gear shift selections in the user interface.

They’ve also made a couple of tweaks to the game engine, including force feedback support, checks for internal camera continuity, better optimization of damage parameters, along with torque converter physics data.

All of the under-the-hood changes and upgrades are designed to help make American Truck Simulator the most realistic trucking simulator out there.

You can grab the full game at a 20% discount in lieu of the new DLC being made available, which will only cost you $15.99 instead of $19.99. If you already have the full version of American Truck Simulator you can grab the DLC for free from over on the Steam store.