Anima Gate Of Memories Tabletop RPG Comes To Life As An Action-RPG

Anima Project and Badland Games have turned the tabletop, fantasy role-playing games Anima: Gate of Memories into a third-person, action-oriented RPG. The game recently released on Steam for $19.99, featuring a dangerous monster and a young girl traveling through the world of Gaia to stop a war happening amongst the shadows.

The game follows Ergo and a girl with an unknown past known as the Bearer of Calamities. Both characters can be played by switching to them when you need to. This actually plays a part in the game’s combat, where players can swiftly switch between both protagonists, picking up moves and combos where the other has left off, creating all new chains and attacks while dispatching enemies.

It reminds me of a low-budget version of Devil May Cry meets El Shaddai. If the game sells well enough we might see a more polished and well rounded sequel.

Plenty of gamers enjoyed the traveling, the art-style and the visual presentation that Anima Project put together for the title. They made good use of the Unity game engine, creating contrasting environments that go from idyllic and serene to stark and brooding. The art helps compliment some of the gameplay elements as well, bridging together hack-and-slash combat with sometimes 3D and side-scrolling platforming.

Anima Gate of Memories

If you’re curious about playing a game with mystical anime vibe to it, you could do a lot worse than Anima: Gate of Memories. As noted over on the Steam page, Anima: Gate of Memories was also recently updated with a patch to fix a few bugs and better optimize the playability.

The user reviews for the game are mostly positive, and you can learn a lot more about the title by visiting the official website. If you want you can pick up a digital copy from over on the Steam store.

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