Archaica: The Path Of Light Gets Accepted Through Steam Greenlight

Archaica is a 3D puzzle game developed by the indie team at Two Mammoths, a team made up of two brothers that have worked together to create this interesting looking puzzle game. The objective of the game is to manipulate streams of light to solve the puzzle and clear the level.

The visual art style and presentation for Archaica is what got my attention; it looks like a really cool and visually appealing puzzle game that will make you think, while also challenging your puzzle solving skills.

Archaica: The Path Of Light is exactly what it sounds like. The stage has a single stream of light coming from a glowing orb, and surrounding the stage is a series of crystals and mirrors. You will have to manipulate the mirrors by moving them around to guide the light into the crystals scattered around the stage to open up the different passages to the next level. As you do so, the stages will move around, new paths will open up, and the play area will shift to reveal new parts to the play field. It all looks really cool.

As the game progresses, the puzzles and stages become more difficult and more complex, challenging you to think outside the box to complete and solve the puzzles. Archaica has a large variety of puzzles, with about 80 different levels for you to brain storm and complete. The developers released a gameplay trailer video to showcase how some of the puzzles operate, so I linked the video down below so you can see for yourself.

Archaica: The Path Of Light is aiming for a release date around the fourth quarter of 2016. Archaica has just been voted through the Steam Greenlight process, so they will be preparing for their official launch later this year. If you are interested in learning more, you can follow the provided link for additional details about the game.


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