Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary Edition Returns For PC And Mobile Devices

Boulder Dash is making its return in the new 30th Anniversary version, brought to you by First Star Software and TapStar Interactive.

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary brings back the classic gameplay of the original series, but in a new game made for PC and Steam.

The original game was created by Peter Liepa and Chris Gray, and the two have teamed up again to bring you some new original game worlds created by the original duo themselves for the Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary. In total, the new Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary edition will have over 260 levels to play, as well as a cave editor so that you can create your own dungeons to explore and then share them with your friends.

boulderdash 2

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary will also have familiar faces, you will be able to play as Rockford and Crystal, with a total of 8 other characters that you can unlock and play in game. The new Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary edition will also have 13 new worlds that were never part of the original series, along with new monster types and animations to go along with the new assets. There will also be new multi-colored gem combos you will be able to perform, new power-ups, and treasure chests and collectible items for you to discover.

Tapstar Games released a new gameplay video on their Youtube Channel to showcase the new Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary, so I linked the video down below so you can see some of the new content for yourself.

For now, Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary is currently on Steam Greenlight looking for votes to be accepted for the official Steam store for PC. Once the game is voted through, Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary is planned to have a July 2016 release date. If you are interested in supporting the game you can follow the above link to learn more and cast your vote.

Furthermore, Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary will also be available for your mobile Android and iOS devices as well, so you can play while on the go. You can check out and visit the official website for additional details.


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