Catch Me, Multiplayer Stealth Game Enters Steam Early Access

Indie publisher and developer ZuoBuLaiGame has put its latest stealth thief game on Steam Early Access. Listed under the title of Catch Me, players will be able to steal from AIs or other player’s bases, and construct mazes to keep other thieves out from taking their goods. The game is for PC and is currently on Steam Early Access.

If you enjoy stealing from other players and enjoy watching other thieves try to break into your fort, then you might find some joy in Catch Me. The stealth game takes on a dungeon magician premise, and adds on to it by allowing players to utilize special abilities to wiz past any obstacles. In addition to the gameplay, planning is a key component when getting ready to strike someone’s loot cave:

“Catch Me is a strategy game that requires stealth and defense at the same time. You play as the leader of a group of magician thieves. You plan everything from behind the curtains.”

This game reminds me a bit of the 3DS game Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure, which is interesting to me to see a multiplayer dungeon version. Unlike Rhythm Thief you will search out places either pre-made or by other players, and loot guarded treasures by using special abilities or slipping through the guards’ patterns.

You can watch two of its trailers below, which the first video comes in by TypHon, while the second is by the official developer ZuoBuLaiGame.

The game is noted to be fun but needs some polishing. However, the community mentions a lot that the devs are quite active when it comes to squashing bugs, so I assume that since it just entered into Early Access most common bugs and other problems should be addressed as the game progresses through its Early Access run. Catch Me is currently running a price of $4.99, and is currently on Steam.


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