Causality Allows Players To Solve Puzzles By Manipulating Time

Causality is developed by indie developer Loju, and is all about manipulating time to complete the stages.

Now, for most of you that know how time works, if you travel back in time it will allow you to manipulate the past and correct your mistakes. However, Causality uses time travel as a gimmick to allow you to interact with past versions of yourself to solve complex puzzles that require multiple people to crack them.

Because there is only one astronaut in the stage, you will need to turn back time and go back, solve part of the puzzle, then use your time remnant to work together to solve the final pieces of the puzzle to complete the level. It becomes a bit more complicated because in order to win, it sounds like all the astronauts in the current level must also reach the exit.

Causality looks like a really cool concept because as the trailer showcases down below, as you progress forward through the game the levels become more and more complex with how you have to solve them, which means you will also have to manipulate time more to create more versions of yourself to solve the puzzles.

Causality has a large selection of puzzles to test your brain power with over 60 unique stages for you to solve. I link the gameplay trailer down below so you can see Causality in action.

Causality has released a free demo, however it also has a “Pay What You Want” option if you would like to support them. You can download and test the game out by visiting the developers Itch.IO page. If you don’t want to pay any money, just click on the option to decline paying.

Causality is also on Steam Greenlight, so if you are interested in seeing more of this game you can follow the provided link to cast you vote. Additionally, you can also visit the developer’s official website for further details.


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