CAYNE, Free Stasis Expansion Puts Players In The Role Of A Pregnant Woman
Cayne: A Stasis Story

A lot of complaints from certain groups toward developers have centered around playing different kinds of characters in games. Well, developer The Brotherhood has taken note and created a free expansion for their isometric horror game Stasis, putting players in the role of a pregnant woman who wakes up from cryostasis.

According to The Brotherhood developer Christopher Bischoff, the team has been working hard at evolving and advancing the engine that powers the game Stasis. This new, upcoming expansion (that also happens to be free) will showcase some of the new advancements that they’ve added to the engine framework. The press release doesn’t go into much detail about the upgrades but they do show off some of the new environments that players will experience in the journey through the new expansion pack.

As you can see, the new protagonist, Hadley, will have to suffer through some of the hardships present on the facility that players first journeyed through in the original game. New locations, new horrors and new challenges will be present as adept point-and-click fans will have to make their way through the horror-themed maps in an attempt to get to safety.

The original game was explained through a series of comm link conversations, diaries and notes left behind by the victims of the mutant creatures that ravaged the station. These diaries will still be present, along with the quality voice-over work that helped shape the narrative of the first game.

CAYNE is a standalone experience that will help further expand and explore the world and lore of Stasis, and despite the engine being upgraded for this new expansion, this newest entry in the Stasis series will still be a 2D isometric title.

They don’t offer an actual release date on CAYNE but the standalone expansion is expected to release sometime during the fourth quarter of 2016. It’s only a 1.5 hour journey, so keep your hype tempered.

I’m curious how well the whole pregnancy angle will come to into play for the main protagonist, if it will be a central part of the story or some sort of inhibiting factor for the character? We’ll have to wait and find out.

You can keep track of the expansion’s development by visiting the official website.


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