Cemu 1.5.2 No Audio Version Available For Public Download
Cemu 1.5.2

As per usual, the schedule for the public release of the Wii U emulator known as the Cemu has stayed true to form and emulation aficionados can get their hands on version 1.5.2 right now.

The Reddit emulation sub-reddit did a pretty big post on the new 1.5.2 release following last week’s outing of the Patreon version of the emulator. They also detail the entire changelog for those curious as to what’s been added, changed and modified within the latest version.

They’ve added in mip-mapping support, along with cubemap texturing, which should help with some games that make use of that feature. There’s improved compatibility for some games, although there are still major issues with getting Super Smash Bros. to run at full speed. They’ve fixed a number of bugs and support with tiling and GPU renderer, as well as improved the ExpHeap memory library.

They also released a “No Audio” version of the Cemu 1.5.2 in order to help increase the speed of Super Smash Bros. User Hawkins managed to post up two and a half minutes worth of footage showing the Wii U fighting game in action without any sound. Check it out below.

It runs decently for the most part, but there are still some serious hang-ups, lighting issues, and artifacts that detract from the overall experience. Nevertheless, they’re definitely getting closer to hitting perfection with the Cemu and many of the Wii U’s top games.

The team working on the Cemu have been doing a fantastic job so far, pumping out new releases almost every week. They seem to be hitting their stride and making serious headway in compatibility for many of the Wii U’s first-party titles. They already have strong compatibility for games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World. Once they crack the nut that is Super Smash Bros., they’ll be well on their way to hitting the big games out of the park.

You can learn more about Cemu by visiting the official website, or you can download the latest public version of Cemu 1.5.2. from right here or you can download the no audio version right here.


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