Criterion’s Action-Sports Racing Game Is Canceled
(Last Updated On: June 24, 2016)

Electronic Arts has pulled the plug on the multi-vehicle, action-sports racing title that Criterion Games was working on. It didn’t have a name but you could ride jet-skis, 4x4s, planes, bikes and dune buggies. The game apparently wasn’t shaping up to be the AAA kind of experience that Electronic Arts was hoping for.

Gamespot received a response from an Electronic Arts’ representative who confirmed that the hybrid racing title that looked like a cross between Garry’s Mod and Big Red Racing, was no longer in production, stating…

“While they’ve moved on from the previous project they’ve spoken about and aren’t pursuing it, they are continuing to build new ideas and experiment with new IP for EA, in addition to continuing to collaborate with other EA studios,”

According to the article Criterion is still finishing up Star Wars: Battlefront VR at the moment, but they’ll likely get back to working on something original after they wrap up doing the lapdog work for DICE.

As far as their action-sports title is concerned… I can’t say there’s a lot of love-loss for the game. From what little we were shown the game didn’t seem to have much of a direction other than being a sandbox-style racer. They show snippets of the prototype in the video below.

It was basically going to be a combination of Burnout meets MX vs ATV meets Just Cause. Players would be able to hop into, off of and onto any of the vehicles nearby, meaning you could start flying in a helicopter, proceed to glide in a wingsuit and then hop down onto an ATV.

In theory it seemed kind of cool but it just didn’t seem to have much of a direction. It would have been an awesome feature in a game like GTA… but then again it’s also one of the core features of Just Cause 3, so it’s still not much of a loss.

Sadly, if you were still hoping for a follow-up Burnout game that finally takes the concepts of Burnout: Revenge and then evolves and excels them without any of the online-only, multiplayer-focused nonsense of Burnout Paradise, you’re fresh out of luck. Hopefully, maybe we can get a proper action-racer from Criterion after they finish up Star Wars: Battlefront VR, which is due to drop later this year for the PlayStation VR.

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  • scemar

    Well Ubisoft recently announced something similar but focused on mountain sports, so it makes me wonder if perhaps the game might have seen a better future if it had not been raised under the cruel tent of EA

    regardless, I loved criterion’s past burnout titles, but they ruined the series with Paradise imo and no matter how hard they tried to fix it and EA pushed it, it didn’t work, racing games are about racing, and open world games are about open world, the two can meet and coexist but they are still different things and paradise felt like an empty world mixed with a messy racer that succeeded at being neither but it probably looked great on paper to investors

    • paradise felt like an empty world mixed with a messy racer that
      succeeded at being neither but it probably looked great on paper to

      That’s precisely how I felt when playing Burnout Paradise. Gorgeous world, decent car selection, crappy immersion. It was big, empty and it felt like it lacked the tight, cool, racing focus that Burnout games are known for.

      Steep from Ubisoft looks interesting but it feels more like a conceptual tech demo than a full game. It will be interesting to see how Ubisoft markets it. It looks like it’ll be prime bait for VR, though.

      • scemar

        Yeah, Burnout would still be a great franchise if it focused on what made it great, the racing aspect which was so fast paced, so focused and so hype. Paradise lost the focus and it’s a shame the franchise might have died. Also a shame Burnout 3 never had PC port, that’d make it easier to replay it.

        And with Steep, at leas they’re trying something new for the medium as a whole and they got time to polish it, so it might turn out to be something interesting. It sure seems very experimental in many ways but that’s why it has potential.

    • C G Saturation

      Exactly. I just wanted to fucking race, not go around looking for races.

      • scemar

        Yeah, that’s what was missing.
        What’s funny is that they kept updating the game and adding content but they never bothered adding a game mode that would simply offer the available races in a menu like in the old days.

  • C G Saturation

    Yeah, I miss the old Burnout games, before they started trying to become Grand Theft Auto or whatever the hell.