Dead Rising 4 Release Date Set For December 6th

Dead Rising 4

If you were wondering what the release date was for Dead Rising 4, a rep from Capcom Vancouver revealed during E3 that the game would be releasing for the Xbox One and on Windows 10 starting December 6th, just in time for Christmas and just after the Black Friday holiday sales rush.

The new game takes place 16 years after the original Dead Rising, and players are back in the role of Frank West, kicking butt, taking names, killing zombies and crafting some of the craziest weapons and gear this side of the zombie apocalypse.

If you missed it during the Microsoft press conference, the debut trailer can be viewed below.

According to the U.K., outlet Express players will be able to snap selfies, kill zombies and resume the spectacular career of photojournalist Frank West. New to the game is the ability to utilize vehicles and combine them with all new weapons and gadgets, ranging from tricycles and lawnmowers to dune buggies and utility vehicles.

Some leaked footage revealed that standard weapons will be making a return to the game, such as Frank’s fist and assault rifles, but there will also be lots of crazy weapons in the game as well, such as barbwire baseball bats and motorized blades with a flamethrower attached, along with the all new exo-suit feature, which will allow players to upgrade and modify the suit to pump out more damage and take down hordes of zombies with ease. The suit also gives Frank some extra strength so he can lift objects that he normally wouldn’t be able to, such as a lamppost with a giant piece of concrete attached to it. The limitation of the suit comes in the form of its battery, which needs to be charged in order to fully utilize its abilities.

Dead Rising 4 will also feature a full-on four-player cooperative mode through online play, which should give it some longevity and replay appeal.

As mentioned at the top of the article, Capcom and Microsoft have plans on getting Dead Rising 4 up and out on the Xbox One and for Windows 10 starting December 6th. It’s a shame that the game won’t be available for Steam, though.