Destructoid’s UK Staff Let Go Due To Financial Reasons
(Last Updated On: June 22, 2016)

Three writers for Destructoid have been let go. The three include Laura Dale, Joe Parlock and Vikki Blake.

Twitter user John Kelly tipped us off to the news, and according to MCV UK they’re reporting that the three writers from across the pond will have to make do elsewhere when it comes to paid work. MCV links to a post on Laura Dale’s Patreon page, where it was stated that…

“Our team being dismantled is apparently nothing to do with content quality of viewership of content, and due to seasonal financials and our team of three being the most recent additions to the salary payroll,”

You won’t find any obvious front page articles about the staff cuts on the Destructoid website, but users are expressing and giving their condolences to the writers that they’ve grown so fond of.

Some users said that it was sad that the trio of writers were fired from Destructoid, but Vikki Blake was quick to correct them, mentioning in the comment section of one article…

“Not fired – just let go. We’ve been told it’s nothing to do with our work, just one of those things. 🙁 Thank you for the support, though! <3”

Destructoid has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism over the past two years, starting especially when they came under fire for the involvement with the Game Journo Pros and the attempted blacklisting of former games journalist Allistair Pinsof, which is detailed over on Deep Freeze. Following the multi-part exposé, then editor-in-chief Dale North – the one who originally called for the blacklisting in the Game Journo Pros secret e-mail group – resigned.

Details about the scrubbing of articles on the Detstructoid database of former writer Holly Green also made headlines, and this was followed up by small kerfuffles then after, including the censoring of rape jokes on the forum, and articles that some readers felt were inflammatory by writer Jed Whitaker.

So far it appears as if the news about the U.K., writers being let go from Destructoid’s staff is a standalone event and doesn’t appear to be tied to anything other than the “seasonal financials”, as mentioned by the writers.

(Main image courtesy of Destructoid)

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  • Ryan Lucas

    The way you destroy these companies, is stop going to their sites, stop reading their crap. Eventually the economics put them out of business.

    None of these people were journalists, they were SJW maggots.

  • Cheshire

    Laura K might be a misguided soul, but she didn’t deserve to lose her job like this. In the end, her heart is still in the right place. I hope all of the “seasonal financials” is bogus, and that Destructoid is on its way out, though. They’re holding the gaming industry back.

  • Ghost

    I wish all of Destructoid would just self-destruct. #holdtheline

  • Hawk Hopper

    Laura Dale crybullied a game dev out of making a game because her and Jim Sterling were triggered by it.

    • Dear lord those Tweets. Epitome of an SJW/feminist.

    • static5225

      I think it’s appropriate to link this parody because it fits the context. There really ain’t no rest for the triggered…

    • DizzyGear

      Isnt this the same attention whore who tried to get a Microsoft employee fired because he referred the him as ‘it’ on some game convention? For the record he was wearing a rainbow wig looking like a my little pony cosplayer rather then a woman…

      The best part about this story is that in his infinite wisdom during his attention whoring spree on social media about the injustice of being called ‘it’ he posted his telephone number on twitter and Kotaku published that tweet on their site. lol

  • C G Saturation

    It’s a shame they didn’t get rid of the core crazies instead.

  • GuitarAnthony

    Of course, the goodbye article had a Patreon pitch at the end.