Divided We Fall: Multiplayer WWII RTS Comes To Steam Greenlight

Do You like Company Of Heroes? Do you like real-time strategy WWII Games? Do you like playing online with other people and working as a team? Developers Kava Game Studio has launched their new WWII online RTS, Divided We Fall, with all of the above elements in one tidy package.

Originally, the game was launched as Call Of Combat a few years ago, but after undergoing some upgrades and adding in some new features, Call Of Combat has now evolved into its sequel, titled Divided We Fall.

Gameplay wise, the camera is set in an overhead isometric style angle, with battles having 1 on 1 combat against other players, or large scale 10 vs 10 battles. The highest ranking player will be chosen as the commander to lead the troops into battle. As commander, you will have the ability to zoom out further and use the strategic map to direct and guide the other players around the map to achieve victory.

Divided We Fall has a variety of levels filled with buildings, cover points and alternate paths to allow you to flank and get behind enemy soldiers to gain a strategic advantage. All players in game will have a squad of four soldiers, each with their own weapons and equipment to help you wipe out enemy forces. Take a look at the below gameplay trailer to see

The developers have a free demo version for Divided We Fall that you can download from their Official Website, and So far from what I have played, it is really cool! The developers aren’t completely sure about the price for the full version, but so far it sounds like the demo version will remain free to play to allow you to play online and test the game out, and if you like what you see you can purchase the full retail version with additional features.

Divided We Fall is currently on Steam Greenlight seeking votes to make it to the official Steam store, so if you are interested you can follow the provided links to cast your vote and learn more.


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