Dwindle Tasks Players With Surviving Inside A Collapsed Mine

Dwindle isn’t a mining game like Terraria or Minecraft. This is a story set in the early 1900s about a group of workers that get trapped inside of a mine tunnel after it collapses in on them, and how they must all band and work together to survive.

Dwindle is an isometric, Story Driven, Point-And-Click adventure game, developed by Rabid Troll Studios. You play as the Bud Rook, the foreman and guy in charge of the mines. After a deadly collapse blocks off the entrance, your job is now about surviving and keeping everyone with you calm and under control so that you can all work together to get out alive… but you won’t all get out alive.

The tunnel mines in Dwindle are procedurally generated and will change and expand, forcing you to always stay on your toes. You will need to deal with the mines flooding, additional collapses, as well as both the mental and physical health of the survivors trapped with you. I think it is safe to say… There will be blood.

Dwindle 2

In total you will be in charge of 24 miners that are trapped in the tunnels with you, each with their own personal stories and personalities, as well as more than 1000 lines of character dialogue, allowing you to make choices and interact with your fellow survivors in a variety of ways. Since they all have different personalities, the miners will react differently to the various hardships you face and will also adapt to how you handle those hardships, throw in the procedural dungeons, and you now have a recipe for a dungeon survival game that is never exactly the same with each playthrough.

You will have a special command menu to assign your miners with tasks and to craft new items, as you deal with the natural events that happens within the cave, as well as your miner’s health and stress levels.

The developers for Dwindle has released both an announcement trailer, as well as a Kickstarter promotional trailer that goes in more detail about the story, the gameplay elements, and what exactly the player will be doing in the game. I copied and linked both videos down below so you can see how Dwindle works.

Dwindle‘s goal is to launch at the end of September of 2016, but first Rabid Troll Studios is looking to gain a bit of dosh to help finish their game, and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to obtain the money they need.

Dwindle is asking for $35,000 USD, and they are already 20% funded as of the time of this article. Additionally, if you would like to support them on Steam Greenlight, you can follow the provided link to cast your vote. Furthermore, they have also released a Pre-Alpha gameplay demo that you can download from their official website.


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