E3 2016: Final Fantasy XV Altissia And Type-F Regalia Showcased In New Videos

During the E3 presentation for Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix revealed some more footage of Altissia and the flying form of the driving vehicle the Regalia — the Type-F. Final Fantasy XV will be out for PS4 and Xbox One on September 30th.

Final Fantasy looks pretty nice, but I’m still on the fence as to whether I like it or not. The game seems like it holds a lot of interesting things to do in and out of towns, but I’m not really feeling the main characters in this one so much, especially Prompto. While we wait on the full release to see how the game turns out, two new videos show off Altissia and the very strange flying Batmobile — the Type-F Regalia.

Starting with the former, which is the city, it is surrounded by a large body of water that calls for a lot of gondolas, boats and other sea-based vehicles to traverse citizens around. Sporting the likeness of several European cities in its core design, hidden battles, quests and a visible coliseum can all be found in the city of Altissia, as seen below.

Moving on to the second piece of information that was released, which I find to be atrocious, is the flying and driving Batmobile. I know the devs wanted players to fly and all, but seriously? Anyways, the Regalia can turn into the Type-F that gains flying capabilities and wings. Although it doesn’t look mandatory to use, I wish there was something a bit less ugly than its flying Type-F form, but you can watch it in action below courtesy of Final Fantasy XV‘s YouTube channel.

I’m sure more information will drop soon regarding other locations, cities, and so on in the near future. But while we wait, folks can get a hold of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV game on September 30th, for Xbox One and PS4.


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