E3 2016: God Of War Alters Gameplay For PS4
God of War

Santa Monica Studios revealed a brand new God of War game for the PlayStation 4. During the Sony E3 press conference more than 10 minutes of gameplay were unveiled to the public, showing off the hacking and slashing, as well as a brief fight with a boss in the form of a giant troll.

There’s a lot to discuss regarding the gameplay of God of War because they introduce some interesting mechanics to this new game, including some weapon-free melee combat and grappling, as well as an all new way to take down bosses. You can check out the 10 minute video below.

The AI here looks really on point. The way the boy moves around autonomously it’s almost good enough to the point where I forgot that the AI was in control of the boy. I kept thinking he was just a boy there trying to pull off the shot with the bow and arrow.

Unlike the previous titles, the game will have a more over-the-shoulder view as a third-person hack-and-slash title as opposed to being isometric. Additionally, platforming, melee combat and puzzles will be making a return to the franchise as well.

One of the things they mentioned in the post-conference interview is that the entire clip above was all done in a single camera shot. That’s pretty freaking impressive in terms of being able to transition from the cinematics and back to the actual gameplay without load times or screen clicks.

God of War

Graphically, the game looks great. There’s absolutely no doubt about it… Santa Monica Studios have done a fantastic job of bringing the game to life in a cinematic way.

However… the combat… there’s that annoying freeze frame between the swings. I hate how the combos are stuttered due to that freezing in between the combos. It completely destroys the flow of the way Kratos swings and hits his enemies.

As far as the story is concerned, it will tie into God of War 3 but Santa Monica Studios haven’t revealed how the story will tie into the previous entries in the series.


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