E3 2016: New Mario For NX Will Arrive In A Year Or Two, Says Miyamoto
(Last Updated On: June 19, 2016)

The Nintendo NX is due out next March in 2017. We have no idea what the device will be like or where the horsepower will benchmark, but we do know that a new Mario game is set to arrive sometime within the next two years for the new device.

Speaking with IGN,  legendary Nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that a brand new Super Mario game is set to arrive sometime within the next two years.

Specifically Miyamoto stated…

“We’re always challenging ourselves to create something new, so hopefully you’ll see a new kind of Mario in about a year or two, […] Maybe next E3 we’ll be able to share something.”

It’s pretty cool that they already have a new Mario in the works, following up on the 2013 outing of Super Mario 3D World. Yes, there was also Super Mario Maker but that was a toolkit and not necessarily a new Super Mario title.

According to Miyamoto, bringing in new talent to Nintendo has opened the company up to taking on some more innovative and fresh ideas. The real challenge is in bringing Mario into a new generation while also keeping it highly accessible to casuals, with Miyamoto telling IGN…

“It’s kind of difficult with Mario because some of the more important conventions of Mario are based on the approachability and accessibility of those games,”

The only thing I worry about is whether or not these new people coming into Nintendo – this new breed of developer – will attempt to subvert the quality of Nintendo products in hopes of pushing for political agendas? So far, Eiji Aonuma and his proteges have done a darn fine job with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Well, the Nintendo NX is due out next year and if what Miyamoto is saying holds true, then we’ll only have to wait a year before we see what Nintendo has in store for the new adventures of the pudgy plumber and his underachieving brother.

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  • C G Saturation

    From all I’ve seen, experienced and heard, my impression is that it doesn’t really matter how much fresh new talent you have, if they aren’t good at design, or are never given the greenlight to go ahead with fresh new ideas without being chained down in some way.

  • scemar

    if they could go back to the roots of the series while taking advantage of what’s possible with new hardware to push the franchise to new heights I’d be so hype

    like they’re doing with zelda and it’s nes zelda meets skyrim inspired open world approach, but with mario

    bring back the huge maps to explore and have fun from 64, or the magic of the old games where any random jump could surprise you with an invisible block that opens a new path to finish the map

    galaxy and mario 3D both had truly tine and linear level designs, I enjoyed them, but they could craft huge interactive maps now and that’s something they haven’t tried in a long time