E3 2016: NiOh Gains New Gameplay Video Showing More Combat

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja weren’t able to make it to hold an exclusive gameplay session during Sony’s conference, but some gameplay at E3 was showcased, which revealed more than five minutes of NiOh’s campaign. The video shows us different elements, damage types and how the armor comes in different varieties. NiOh is currently slated to come out for the PS4.

If you like Dark Souls and the Witcher, there’s no doubt that you will like NiOh. Although the game isn’t bringing anything new to the table (because it’s almost like the former and later) it does do the two well enough in the ancient times of japan that it looks cool to play. Being a fan of tactical combat against supernatural enemies stems back a long ways, and now seeing it in NiOh makes me all the more excited to see it in an upcoming game.

I should note that the game isn’t perfect at the moment, but it does bring a significant amount of brutality to the mix, which is fine by me. However, the brutal treatment by the enemies can be reduced by wearing specific types of armor, or imbuing a weapon with a special element to take an enemy down quicker.

Adding a bit of skill to the whole game, traps and other environmental aspects can also damage enemies and result in death if you move quick enough to trick them into it. I think this also brings layers to NiOh because players will be able to use their movement and environment to help them out when the going gets tough, or just to skip past weaker enemies.

Joining all of this is RPG elements. Leveling up will obviously play an important role during your journey, but I hope skill still plays an important role throughout one’s playthrough. I know other lesser enemies will still hold their potential chance of killing you in one or two hits, but I hope if you become too strong your risk of dying to smaller or lesser enemies won’t become dampened by being OP. I like games with a challenge after getting all rare stuff, but that’s just me, though.

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s Dark Souls and Witcher-like game is set to come out sometime this year for PS4. But, before signing out, you can check out the gameplay footage that YouTuber Roleplaying TV posted, which shows more than five minutes of NiOh during a Twitch live stream.


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