E3 2016: RIDE 2 Trailer Promises 4 Different Kinds Of Bike Classes

Milestone’s upcoming RIDE 2 will take a big step up from the first game by focusing on four different classes of racing machines that span the likes of three different disciplines of racing. It’s an ambitious scope for the game, especially considering that there will be over 200 different motorcycles featured in the upcoming title.

During this year’s E3 the developer, in association with QCube Games, announced that the new title would be arriving sometime this autumn for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. No mention of VR support or anything special for PC gamers.

What they did let loose was a trailer highlighting the different racing disciplines. You can check it out below.

The trailer is CG inside and out, but it does promise that gamers will have street bikes, road bikes, motorcross and moto GP classes available across three different racing modes.

The press release announced that three of the 200 bikes available would be the Kawasaki Ninja H2R, the Sartorie Meccaniche Saetta 3 and a half, and the TM SMX Supermotard Competizione.

They also revealed four real world tracks that will be available in the game, including:
· Nürburgring Nordschleife
· Macau
· National Park of Stelvio
· Milano

They didn’t say anything about multiplayer, customization, handling, physics or tuning, but I suspect that we will likely learn a lot more about this game leading up to its release this fall.


Milestone appears to have a love/hate relationship with their community because they’re definitely making the kind of motorsports games that people want, but they’re always usually lacking in one area or another that truly holds back and hampers the overall quality of the experience. So hopefully they’re able to nail down each and every category this time around to keep the action flowing and the fans happy.

For now you can keep your eyes peeled on the official RIDE 2 website to learn more about the game or receive relevant updates when they’re made available.


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