E3 2016: Steep Lets You Paraglide, Wingsuit Race And Snowboard

Amidst all the shooting, violence, dancing and time traveling, one of the games that stood out the most throughout all of the conferences was Steep, an extreme sports game for home consoles and PC.

During Ubisoft’s E3 conference they revealed that they’re working on the seamless online multiplayer game, Steep. It features snowboarding, skiing, paragliding and wingsuit gliding.

You can check out a seven minute demonstration of gameplay with the video below.

I was mildly impressed… not so much for the fact that it’s an extreme sports title, but mostly for the fake that Ubisoft is trying to connect and combine different sports into one game.

It’s a little like SSX but slightly more realistic and with different disciplines all in one. Players can choose where they start, choose what they use and race through a section to their hearts content, this ranges from checkpoints to versus to stunt races.


There’s also a replay feature where players can survey their lines and improve their racing while also taking screenshots.

If this was a $30 game then it would be well worth it: A simple, zen-like game where you get to glide through mountains, go through proximity racing with some friends and dodge trees on skis.

Graphically the game isn’t anything special, but it would have been cool if Ubisoft showed some love to PC by focusing on it as the lead platform to make Steep look visually distinctive. But even still, it seems to be a visually passable game.

While there are some indie titles that offer what Steep has but in individual forms, the idea of seamlessly switching between each discipline at the press of a button is pretty cool.

You can look for Steep to arrive this winter for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can learn more by heading to the official website.


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