E3 2016: TellTale Releases The Walking Dead Season 3 Teaser Trailer

Well it’s official, Clementine is back in action with a new story, more zombies, and some brand new faces in the third season of The Walking Dead.

Yesterday on June 12th, Telltale Games released a short teaser trailer for their new season of The Walking Dead. Fans of Telltale Games’ hit video game series The Walking Dead, were asking how Telltale would continue the story and if the third season would still follow Clementine, or someone new.

When the developers put the third season on hold to do a spinoff story about Michonne, it had people wondering if Clem’s story would soon come to an end. Especially for the fact that Season 2 was rather ambitious and had two very different story-arcs for how the season came to a conclusion. It had people scratching their heads how a third season would work if Clem could potentially start in two different parts of the country.

The new trailer is rather short and doesn’t answer any of these questions since it is only about a minute long, but it does give us some clues and a small glimpse of what to expect. Take a look at the below teaser trailer that I linked from IGN’s YouTube Channel down below.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the new guy on the right with the tattoo on his neck. It seems someone is marking zombies, and Clem and her new friend are hot on their trail to do… something. The second thing you’ll notice is that Clem is slowly developing and growing up. She has gotten taller and is turning into a young lady. Aww, our little girl is growing up!

Even though the trailer is rather short, other fans have pointed out that The Walking Dead season 3 has gotten a graphics upgrade. Even though it still has Telltale’s iconic cartoon 3D look, the characters and textures have more detail and a clear and crisp HD look.

I’m not sure if this is just a promotional trailer put together as a reveal, or an actual look at a small scene from the game, but so far it has grabbed my attention to want to see more. Telltale’s official website hasn’t posted any information about the new 3rd season for The Walking Dead just yet, but the above trailer reveals at the end that the game will be coming to stores this Fall.