EA Releases Battlefield 1 Teaser Trailer Ahead Of E3 Stream

Set to go live in the next two hours on EA’s official Twitch page, both DICE and EA took to Twitter to reveal a teaser trailer to show off a soldier using a Geballte Ladung on an incoming tank. The WW1 Battlefield game will have an official live stream during this year’s E3, and will debut later this year on October 21st for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

For those of you that don’t know what a Geballte Ladung is, it’s a bundle of stick grenade charges wrapped up together, either with multiples stick handles or just one. They were used in multiples occasions throughout the war and similar builds were also used during the second World War, too. In addition, the makeshift grenade bundle has a higher chance of incapacitating FOEs and knocking treads out of tanks, which I’m sure it will inflict the same amount of damage in the upcoming WW1 iteration of Battlefield.

I’m really looking forward too this game but with EA and its track record, and with DICE helping with Star Wars Battlefront, I’m on the fence with this one. If the game does turn out to be decent and playable at launch with no hidden scams, I’m sure it will be a nice WW1 game that will please a lot of Battlefield fans and other gamers alike.

With that said, the devs have been teasing snippets of the game, which will receive a nice live stream in the next two hours as of this writing — which if you abide by PT time it starts at 1PM. You can check out the video below courtesy of Battlefield‘s official Twitter page.

If you feel like you might miss the event you will be able to catch it live by visiting EA’s Twitch page, or by checking E3 Countdown to stay up to date on the event. Battlefield 1 is slated to come out this year on October 21st for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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