Fairy Fencer F Topless Mod Adds Some Excitement To The Game

As if all the risque ecchi content present in Compile Heart’s and Idea Factory International’s Fairy Fencer F wasn’t enough, modders have gone and raised the whole thing by an ample notch, giving gamers an opportunity to play through the JRPG with the female characters being topless.

Over on the Undertow.Club, modder vork77 put together a really fast and dirty mod that strips the characters in Fary Fencer F of their shirts, bras and chest support. What you end up with is a bare-chested maiden who won’t let boob armor get in the way of her heroics.

It’s a simple mod that comes in the form of a rar file that clocks in at just 293kb. As I said, it’s simple and it’s small.

You just download the file and delete file 001.cl3 from the game’s directory under the sub-director gamemodelchara21texture01.

According to vork77, this is just the beginning of a long and baring relationship between him and Compile Heart’s Fairy Fencer F. He has plans on making event pictures modded in the game as well to spice up the vignettes that happen throughout the game.

This is just a standard mod for the game and it doesn’t do anything special beyond giving gamers something perky to stare at throughout their journeys.

At the moment Compile Heart’s Fairy Fencer F is discounted by 75% off the normal price. That means that if you really want to get your hands on the game, right now is probably your best bet. The JRPG is slashed down by such a significant rate due to the Steam Summer Sale. If you feel like adding the game to your library – assuming you haven’t done so already – you can grab the game for only $7.49, down significantly from the regular $29.99 price point by hitting up the Steam store page.

Before doing that, feel free to spruce up the game by downloading the Fairy Fencer F topless mod from over on the Undertow.Club.


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