Fallout 4 Mods Add Overhauled Beast Taming, 4K Protectron Textures And New Companion

Nexusmods yet again brings us more mods for Fallout 4. The latest mods to hit the post-apocalyptic RPG are a new beast taming mod that overhauls the current one that Wasteland Workshop DLC brought, better 4K textures for all Protectrons and a new companion that holds over 250 dialogue options and actual voice lines.

The first mod by Steelfeathers overhauls the disappointing beast taming feature that the lacking Wasteland Workshop DLC offered some months back. The new version provides a stream-lined method that adds commands, interactions with the creatures of the wasteland and other features built from the ground up to make the taming process more interesting. You can get the mod over on Nexusmods, or you can watch a video on how it works.

More detail never hurts especially when it enhances the graphics of a game, and let’s face it the vanilla version of Fallout 4 doesn’t compare to the 4K texture mods out there. This mod is no exception of the other beautiful 4K mods, and makes the Protectrons look more crisp and clear. There’s also a 2K version for those who seek nice textures but don’t want to go all the way (or don’t have the computer horsepower to handle it at 4K). You can get this mod by heading over to Valius’ Nexusmods page.

4k texture fallout 4

There’s quite a bit of companion mods out there, but a lot of them don’t speak making them seem empty and like you are traveling by yourself. Modder Zyd232 got around the silent problem with this mod by taking Piper’s voice and tweaking it to make Blood Rose’s voice interact with the player.

“I’ve picked a bunch of files from Piper’s voice and added them to Blood Rose’s. There are 284 voice files in this mod. I also made a tuned voice version, so Blood Rose can have her own voice which isn’t the same as Piper’s.”

companion fallout 4 mod 1

This mod can be downloaded by hitting up Nexusmods. All the Fallout 4 mods listed including the companion mod are all for PC, and will most likely be eligible for download on Xbox One when they are uploaded.

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