Famitsu Weekly Reveals New Screenshots Of Berserk

I’m sure if Koei Tecmo and Omega Force keep Berserk true to its roots it will cause a lot of SJWs to become enraged. With that said, the devs got some of the game’s characters and environments out there in some screenshots thanks to the Weekly Famitsu. The batch of images show a range of content, which the actual game is set to release on September 23rd for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4, and will launch worldwide a bit later for PC via Steam.

It’s no doubt that this game will catch a lot of flack from SJWs, but it is interesting to see that Berserk is getting a another game. Along with its upcoming release set for this year during September, we get a chance to look at some of the screenshots for Berserk.

In addition to the screenshots, I’ll also include the recent E3 video trailer — although it stands as a teaser video — but I’m sure Berserk fans might enjoy the sneak peek. You can check it out below thanks to Koei Tecmo‘s YouTube channel.

Moreover, the screenshots show a nice look at the in-game graphics, with various segments showing Guts and Griffith. For those that don’t know, which I think is important for some fans that are unaware, the game will take on the Musou-type hack and slash paradigm, where players can unleash massive amounts of carnage with a press of a button. So it’s basically like Dynasty Warriors or any other Koei Tecmo and Omega Force Musou game.

The magazine scans that stand as today’s screenshots also reveal Schierke, along with other content. You can check out all of the magazine scans or screenshots below, courtesy of the Weekly Famitsu.


Berserk the game is set to release on September 23rd for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4, and will launch worldwide sometime later for PC via Steam.


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