Fictorum Gives Players The Power To Create Magical Spells Of Destruction

Developers Scraping Bottom Games are crafting up something magical with their new game Fictorum, which places you in the shoes of a powerful wizard out for revenge.

The cool part about Fictorum is that it uses a similar spell casting formula as the Magicka game series, giving you the ability to cast spells and combine them with powerful runes to augment and shape your spells in different ways.

Fictorum will give you the basic elements to play around with: ice, fire, lightening, but you will also have runes that you can assign from the main menu that allows you to change the properties of how the spells behave, and when you enter the game you can mix and match these effects using a triangular shaped rune modifier system that allows you to draw a line to all the runes you would like to augment your spell with to create a new deadly effect.

Fictorum 2

For example, you could have a multi-shot rune, a high velocity rune, and a chain spell rune that links the damage to the nearest enemy. If you linked all three runes together onto your fireball spell, it would create a high velocity multi-shot fireball that chains to the nearest enemies around it, creating a raining fireball of death. You could then use that same combination for your ice and lightening spells, or rearrange your runes to create other devastating effects.

Fictorum was created using the Unreal engine, giving the developers a lot of freedom and control with the way the world works. Using the Unreal game engine game them the tools they needed to create a destructible world that will allow you to demolish entire cities with your powerful spells. This allows a visually appealing and quite satisfying gameplay experience so that you can see the destruction and power behind your spells as you burn houses down or use a powerful meteor spell to send bodies flying and make an entire city block of buildings explode into pieces.

The developers have released both a Fictorum Kickstarter trailer video, as well as a three minute gameplay video to give their followers a look at what the game will have to offer in the future and how the magic system actually works in game.

For now, the developers at Scraping Bottom Games are running a Kickstarter Campaign to gain additional funding for their game to help them add in more content, so if you are interested in supporting them you can follow the link to learn more. Furthermore, the developers have also posted their game up on Steam Greenlight so that they can later post their game up onto the Steam store page.

Fictorum still has a ways to go to finish development, so it won’t be finished and released to the public until an estimated date of Summer of 2017. For additional details about Fictorum, you can visit their official website to learn more and follow the development of the game.


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