Game Pencil Engine Allows For Drag-And-Drop Game Design

The modestly sized and low-priced game engine called Game Pencil is currently available for purchase right now from Pawbyte’s design tool clocks in at only 6MB and allows aspiring and established game designers create their own titles with ease using C or C++.

It’s also possible to export projects to various other platforms thanks to the cross-platform support, including but not limited to HTML5, Windows, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The tool is specifically designed to help developers create 2D games using drag-and-drop functionality. Multiple windows enable single or multiple developers to conveniently work on graphics implementation, object oriented coding and separate functions all at once. You can see how the runtime environments looks with the utilities, coding windows and sprite creation with the promotional trailer below.

If you’re not comfortable with C++ there’s also Javascript, CSS styling for HTML5, and the ability to code in one language and compile the game with cross-platform support.

One of the key selling points for this particular engine is that it’s possible to easily and conveniently drag and drop objects into the window when making scenes, levels and cinematics. The tiled grid design also makes it convenient for creating uniform 2D sprite-based platformers.

Essentially those of you looking to pick up where Sega left off with Sonic 4 by creating a worthwhile 2D, fast-paced platformer, the Game Pencil Engine is designed to handle your needs. Heck, for everyone out there complaining about Nintendo not turning Link into a woman, here’s a chance to make a Legend of Zelda style game from scratch starring a female protagonist. No need to get angry at Nintendo, now the power is your fingertips, for cheap.

Since this is a brand new game engine it doesn’t have much feedback on the promotional pages, but I’m sure it’ll eventually start to pick up chatter as it makes its way around the industry.

Between it’s launch and up until July 4th on Independence Day, gamers will be able to get their hands on the Game Pencil Engine for 20% off the normal $200 price. So if you want to get in on that or learn more about this new game engine, feel free to check out Pawbyte’s page.


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