Get Gear Kill Dragon Is A Free Co-op Beat-‘Em-Up
Get Gear, Kill Dragon

Indie developer -N recently released a 3D, isometric beat-e’m-up game called Get Gear, Kill Dragon. It’s a limited time free to download title where up to two players can locally work together to kick butt and take names.

The game features more than 50 different weapons to collect and each one can be upgraded. Players can hack, slash and clobber their way through enemies while accessing seven different armor types and defeating up to 10 different bosses throughout the city.

Get Gear, Kill Dragon boasts a plethora of “useless” hats to collect and customize your character with, along with a score counter for online leaderboards, and secret power-ups to acquire.

The game is a little bit like Gekido meets Diablo.

You can see the indie work in action with the gameplay trailer below.

It’s obviously a lo-fi game but it’s also free.

The developer also took time to implement gameplay mechanics that are more than just standard button mashing paradigms. You can dash, string together light and hard combos as well as pull off super moves. Now that all sounds like the standard fare kind of stuff you would get in just about any fighting game or beat-’em-up title, but what -N did here is make it where you can also utilize cancel combos. That’s right, if you know how to dash cancel, you can dash cancel into a hard attack, or perform a light combo and then cancel into a retreating dash and then follow it up with a special cancel attack. Oh yeah… it goes there.

Fans of games like Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action! might find the move diversity and layered combat somewhat similar, even though one is a 2D action brawler and the other is a 3D beat-’em-up. Nevertheless, Get Gear, Kill Dragon was designed to have a scaled learning curve.

If you feel like this is something you might consider playing, feel free to download a free copy of Get Gear, Kill Dragon by heading on over to the official website.


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