GTA 5 Online 1.34 Money Cheat Involves A Cash Register Glitch

Rockstar recently updated GTA V with a brand new pack of content, including a new adversary mode, new missions for players to become CEOs and associates of CEOs, as well as new VIP Works and challenges, in addition to eight new cars, two new aircraft and one new boat. While the update to GTA Online is a massive 1.3GB, some gamers only care about cheating and glitching their way to victory.

The YouTube glitch culture has already started looking for ways to make easy money in GTA Online with the latest 1.34 patch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. One YouTuber in particular, xReelGamingx, has a four minute video up explaining in a step-by-step process how to glitch the cashiers in GTA V’s online mode following patch 1.34. He mentions in the video that Rockstar is back to cracking down on some glitch videos (and they’re not alone, with other publisher hitting videos with copyright blocks and strikes ever since YouTube made some modifications to their Fair Use policies) so you won’t get an actual visual guide on how to do the glitch, but don’t worry, there’s a written step-by-step process you can follow below.

So first up, start an online session. According to the video, any online session will work – whether you do one that’s private, invite only or with a friend. Just start an online session in GTA Online.

Open up the interaction menu and head to the “Spawn Location” tab and ensure that it’s set on “Last Location”.

Head to any store on the map – just pick one at random. According to the video this will work at any store.

First head behind the counter and stand directly next to the cashier. From here, pull out a weapon so that your character will proceed to rob the store.

The glitch is that once the cashier begins to throw the bag of money at your character, you need to quickly press the right-trigger/R2 and then immediately start spamming the right D-pad button.


If you do this correctly, this will cause the cut-scene to play where your character goes into the cash register to get the cash, and at the same time allow your character to pick up the money bag. You will get double the amount of money. According to the video, you can earn up to $4,000 per glitch.

Now here’s where things get really interesting. After performing the glitch, quickly open up the menu and start a new session. It can be any kind of session. Now when you do this you should spawn right back in front of the store you just robbed. Why? Because your spawn should be set to “Last Location”.

GTA 5 Online - Image16

All the previous steps probably foreshadow what the next step is, but just in case you need it typed out here goes: rinse and repeat the glitch of walking behind the counter, robbing the cashier and then quickly pressing the button sequence to rob the cash register. You’ll get $4,000 easy bucks and then you can rinse and repeat by starting a new session.

Rockstar will likely hotfix the living daylights out of this glitch because it’s fairly obvious and easy to do. According to xReelGamingx, they haven’t been banned for using the glitch, but given how strict Rockstar is with GTA Online, expect them to crack down on this glitch faster than SJWs can block you and yell “Triggered!” if you mention the name Nero.

GTA V’s latest update is available right now as part of the Further Adventures In Finance and Felony update for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can learn more about the update by checking out the Rockstar Games website.

(Main image courtesy of VanossGaming)


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