Hexoscope Brings Complex Hexagonal Puzzler To Steam Greenlight

Hexoscope looks like someone decided to take the Corpus hacking puzzles from Warframe and turn it into an entire game. Developers Studio Binokle has launched their new hexagonal based puzzler to Steam Greenlight, and so far it looks to be rather interesting.

If you are a fan of puzzle games you might really like this one. It has a minimalist hud and visual art style, and the concept is rather simple and straight forward. The goal for Hexoscope is to rotate the hexagonal blocks to align the lines on the inside of the block to make them all connect. However, the overall objective is to create a complex path leading from the hexagonal power source to the hexagonal power receiver, which are normally located on opposite sides of each other. You will need to arrange all of the pieces to create a path connecting all of the lines. The challenge comes in as the stages grow in complexity and makes it harder and harder for you to solve the puzzles.

Hexoscope has over 72 puzzles for you to solve that all vary in difficulty, creating a brain teaser that is bound to keep you scratching your head for hours as you rearrange all the pieces to solve the overall puzzle. The developers released a gameplay trailer showcasing what the game is all about, so I linked the video down below so you can see how it all works in game.

Hexoscope also offers a relaxing electronic soundtrack to get those creative puzzle solving brain juices flowing, which will also be available for purchase as a sondtrack upon release. Want to play again a second time? The puzzles randomize so that they are never the same when you play again, giving you more replayability.

For now, Hexoscope is currently on Steam Greenlight looking for votes to get accepted on the Steam store, so if you are interested in lending your support, you can click on the provided link to cast your vote and learn more about the game.


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