Hollow Knight: Beneath And Beyond New Trailer Reveals 2D Platforming

Back on December 14th, 2014, developer Team Cherry managed to get their project, Hollow Knight, through Kickstarter successfully, and seems to be shaping up to be a cool game. As of recent, the devs just published a new trailer showing off its hand-animated designs, gameplay and beautiful yet strange environments. Hollow Knight: Beneath And Beyond is set to come for PC and the Wii U this year.

I should note that Hollow Knight doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet, however it is slated for PC and Wii U. Moreover, it’s nice to see an indie game like this with old-school platforming, all while sporting its own unique twist to the genre.

Anyways, Hollow Knight: Beneath And Beyond takes on a rather somber approach to the platforming genre. And even though from the looks of it nothing terrible happens, between the dark colors and its sad premise it opts for a very gloomy yet interesting design.

After watching the trailer, we see a lot of traveling take place, which spans from dodging enemies in city-like areas to traversing in caves filled with glowing crystals. If you want you can check out the official video trailer that runs for almost a minute and a half.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing more of this game, seeing that it also offers shops and adventure in the 2D platforming genre. I know that adventuring in a 2D realm is nothing new, but I like the whole design of Hollow Knight and its dark look.

As noted above, the game was once on Kickstarter and reached its goal more than two years ago, and seems to be shaping up quite well. If you want to learn more about Hollow Knight: Beneath And Beyond, you can head to teamcherry.com. The game is set to come out for PC and the Wii U sometime this year.


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