Hyper Bounce Blast Takes A Psychedelic Approach To Breakout

Flump Studios and Kiss Ltd., recently released a shoot-’em-up, breakout inspired, arcade platformer called Hyper Bounce Blast. The game arrived on Steam at the end of May and the developers are still trying to get eyes on the game, something that’s difficult to do in today’s media climate where if you’re not screaming for victim bucks or attacking one demographic or another, it’s hard to get your game noticed.

In the case of Hyper Bounce Blast, players will attempt to blast their way through a multitude of stages, each with their own skill requirements and gimmicks in order to master them. The real trick to the game is that bouncing makes you invulnerable. Once you hit the floor you’re at risk of dying like an egg on the street of a stampeding horde of bulls. It’s imperative to use bumpers to stay up in the air while blasting through the enemies. You can see how this skill-based Breakout alternative plays out with the trailer below.

The video is a mosaic collage of psychedelic action. Players will be required to think fast, act faster and react with the fastest kind of shoot-or-be-shot reflexes this side of Robotron.

Hyper Bounce Blast has six different game modes that range from arcade to tournament play, along with time trials and leaderboard support. They also have Steam trading cards, full controller integration and classic keyboard and mouse controls.

It’s a small game by a small team, and so far it appears to have found an endearing audience on Steam. The reviews are all positive so far and that’s likely because the game is only $4.99, so there’s very little to lose out on if you try your hand at it. But then again, even at that price there have still been some duds out there.

The leaderboards just went live a couple of days ago, so you can start racking up score and comparing it with other players the world around. You can learn more about the game if a Breakout platformer is your sort of thing by hitting up the Steam store page.